Mission statement

A broad customs expertise through an extensive knowledge of the important regulations and developments

Due to more complicated regulations, stricter safety norms and higher demands for compliance, customs play an increasingly significant role within the supply chain, not only as guardian of our safety and our borders, but also as partner in the economic world.>

Through our years of experience within the field, we can assist our clients in taming the tangle of regulations and systems. How can this be achieved? Very simple: by teaming up with them so as to find:

  • the most simple, correct and efficient solutions for transporting their goods from A to B in a safely manner;
  • the proper economic arrangements to apply during production and/or processing;
  • the correct way to cope with the current red tape in terms of re-dispatching/re-exportation.

    Actually, customer participation is considered a guideline by our employees in performing their day-to-day work.

    As an employer, we also find it important that our workers get the opportunity to receive extra education if desired, and that they are able to continue to develop their job competencies. This adds to the fact that S.C.S. always wants to be aware of the latest laws and regulations.