From forwarding agent to customs broker

In 1979, the firm started as ‘Steinacher nv’. At first, the company’s main activity was international forwarding with a focus on road transport, but afterwards, sea and air transport were quickly added to the service package. Since our logistics services were characterised by a high qualitative level, the company was able to make its name in and throughout Antwerp.

Later on, import and export administration were added to our activities so as to offer the customers an even higher service level, and to enable us to properly manage each freight transport.

Since 1992, we can also act as fiscal representative in the European Union, which is very interesting for companies that are based abroad.

In 2007, a few years later, Steinacher nv was divided into two independent firms: Steinacher Custom Services, a well-known customs broker, and, Steinacher Logistics, a leading logistics company. This division of activities allowed us to concentrate even better on our core business. Nevertheless, a good cooperation between the two firms has always remained.